Remove Outlook Duplicates with NoMoreDupes for Outlook

Remove Outlook Duplicates quick and reliable!

You have each Outlook contact suddenly twice after a synchronization with your handheld?
Or you wanted to download your emails and Outlook loaded all the emails you already have again?

Whenever you have the same content twice or more times in your Outlook then you need a tool to remove Outlook duplicates.

'NoMoreDupes for Outlook' is able to remove all your Outlook duplicates.
You don't need to buy separate tools.

If you want you can merge duplicated Outlook contacts to one contact.

This software removes doubled Outlook Contacts, Emails, Appointments, Notes, Tasks and Journal entries.


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'NoMoreDupes for Outlook' is an Outlook add in to remove Outlook duplicates.
Not only contacts or emails are supported.
All items of Outlook are supported by this Outlook duplicate remover.

You can even search across folders. Perhaps you have the same contact in different folders. Search for it - find it - delete it. Automatically.

You can get rid of your doublets in seconds even if you have a big Outlook data file.
You can customize the way how NoMoreDupes recognizes duplicates. Should NoMoreDupes look only at first name or last name or additionally on the company name?

All types of Outlook items are supported. (Outlook contacts, Outlook emails, Outlook journal entries, Outlook tasks, Outlook notes and Outlook appointments.)

It takes only seconds to clean your Outlook reliable and safely.


  • Delete all your duplicate items quickly and reliable
  • Every Outlook item is supported in one product
  • Remove Outlook duplicates of contacts, emails, appointments, notes, tasks and journal entries
  • NoMoreDupes supports Outlook mailboxes and public folders on Exchange servers
  • See the result of the process in a preview with the information of the location and the last modification date
  • Duplicate items in different folders will be found, too
  • You can open corresponded items with one click to see the differences or to delete manually.
  • Move optionally Outlook duplicates to a specific folder.
  • Merge duplicated Outlook contacts to one contact.

System Requirements

"NoMoreDupes" runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP with Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 (XP), Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 (32bit and 64bit).

"NoMoreDupes" costs only 39.95 USD
(includes 1 year free upgrades)
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Windows 8

'NoMoreDupes' is fully compatible with Windows 8 and all Outlook versions.


"Checked 4 outlook pst archives (cross folders) in less than 5 minutes and found more than 2,000 duplicates.
Impressive, specially because I used other dupe checkers in the past.
Your program found more duplicates out of the box (no configuration change needed)." Diego Fernández

"Great piece of software. Does a great job of tidying up my Outlook." John Ballantyne

"Thanks for a handy utility. NoMoreDupes is the second or third such utility I've purchased, and yours is the best I've found. The user interface is very rationally thought out, and it actually works. You can't say that about every email duplicate scrubber out there.
Your prices are very reasonable - I just bought my second license, and happy to do so." Carl Haddick

"Many thanks for your help and your prompt reply.
We move a lot of emails to archive subfolders within Outlook and that often causes duplicates. NoMoreDupes has been really helpful in cleaning up these folders. " Jon Weiner

"NoMoreDupes is wonderful for clearing the debris from using HotSync between my palm device and Tablet PC.." Daniel Albert

"I'd like you to know that your product is great. I use it all the time"Matt Palumbo

"Thanks very much for your help. It is nice to count with this type of service."Jaime Delgadillo


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